About Me

This shop is an outpouring of my love for spinning, fleece, texture, color, and sparkle! I absolutely LOVE everything about this craft and I hope you can tell. It is also an homage to my mom, a hand-weaver, who filled my childhood with the joy that fiber arts bring to the home!

I grew up surrounded by a wide range of creative projects and the odds and ends that go along with them. My childhood memories are ornamented with weaving looms, warping boards, skein winders, dye pots, and skeins of yarn hanging from our trees to dry. I always thought it was neat, but never thought I could do it. My mom always tried to prove me wrong. It only took her 31 years! As soon as I discovered what art yarn was I knew I had to have an unlimited supply of it!  The only way to do that on a budget is to make it. Because of who my mom is and the creative seeds she planted, the transition from using yarn to making yarn wasn't a big one. All I had to do was ask her how. Before I knew it I had a homemade drop spindle (made from a cd, a cup hook, and a dowel rod), a library of books and YouTube videos, and a bag of wool roving (all just laying around her house because "ya just never know when you might need it"). I was in love!

Unlike so many of my past creative pursuits, hand spinning comes very naturally to me. I have an intuitive understanding of how energy, twist, and tension work together to create a strong, balanced yarn. I've spent a lot of time learning different drafting methods and how different fibers take twist so that I can spin the exact yarn I want. I genuinely enjoy coupling that knowledge with creativity to push limits while maintaining the integrity of the yarn. 

One of the most common questions I get is, "That's pretty, but what do you do with it?" My answer? “Whatever you want!”

No limits! That’s what I strive for when I’m creating yarn. I want to actualize my vision without my resources telling me I can’t do it.

So, the last thing I want is for your artistic vision to be inhibited by MY work! For this reason, I STRIVE to create high quality art yarn that you can use however you want without it falling apart. Knit it, weave it, crochet it, create doll hair, use it as a warp, use it as a weft…it’s completely up to you! My goal is to create the highest quality, most USABLE art yarn you can find!

 I hope the joy and love that I put into my work adds immense joy to yours, and that you genuinely enjoy working with these yarns!