Oh no! This IS Normal

When I put my yarn on sale in November, I had the intention of running the sale for a week.  Those yarns are STILL on sale, y'all!  My family has had a lot going on.  My sweet Daddy passed away in November after several months of illness.  He loved The Lord and that has brought our family a great deal of peace.  We traveled to Florida during the Christmas holiday for his memorial, and got caught up in Southwest Airline's delays.  We got home 5 days late and then had to get the kids back to school.  Between sick days and snow days, my goal of catching up on tasks when things "return to normal" slowly morphed into the realization that "This IS normal!" 

I'm not getting as much time to spin yarn, these days, as I would like.  My 3 year old doesn't nap anymore, which means I don't get much time to myself.  I've decided to just work it in when I can, and list things when I'm able.  The art yarns in this latest update have been about 6 months in the making!  That's 1.6 skeins of art yarn per month!  Not very efficient, but that's ok because it's ART!  In spite of the time it took, I'm really happy with all of them.  I've got more ideas and plans in the works.  Hopefully it won't take 6 months to get them to you all!

Me and my daddy!